Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to have full rights for the submitted pictures !
  2. Pictures made with Photo Shop are NOT ALLOWED !
  3. All pictures will be reviewed before publishing !
  4. Are NOT ACCEPTED pictures with content related to porn or nudity, violence, racism, crime, drugs or other “sensitive content” that is out of the common sense.
  5. Pictures can be related to Traveling , motorcycles, cars, nature, personal.
  6. The submitted pictures CAN NOT be changed after publishing. Make sure you give us the best ones.
  7. There is no refund on the submitted pictures.
  8. After the pictures are submitted you need to make a$3 donation using the Pay-Pal button and using the same username or need to mention in the description for what submission are you making the payment in order to participate in the contest. The purpose for this donations is to collect the money for the rewards.
  9. After the pictures are reviewed a page will be created for each participant and the link will be sent via E-mail.
  10. All the participants are responsible for sharing the page with their pictures in order to collect likes.
  11. The Likes that will count for this contest are the one on the contest page.
  12. The reward will be sent to the winners via Pay-Pal, Check, E-Check, Bank Transfer or Cash, upon request.
  13. The reward amount is depending on the number of participants.
  14. More pictures uploaded more chances to win.
  15. The first part of the contest is between July 1th -December 1th, and the price will be released no later than December 10.