They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. We say that one picture is worth thousand of dollars.

We all are special and this is the place where normal people, ordinary adventurers undertaking an extraordinary adventure!

Give us your best picture from the road, that special picture made in that special moment and we will reward you with cash.

How is this working? Very simple. And is 100% real.

Go on the Contest page. Type your info, at the subject type “Adventure time” ,tell us a few words about your last adventure or about the pictures, things that you want to share. Upload your best picture and submit a $3 donation via pay-pal. After we will review the pictures, just to make sure is not a scam, everything will be up on the page.

Now you just need to share the link to the page for your friends to like it.

In December the first 3 pages with the highest number of likes will be rewarded with cash.

At the end is all about you and your crazy supportive friends.

Get ready for your next adventure !