World Record on Harley Davidson – Update

And is time to make an update, of course with some good news.

I just received the confirmation from World Guinness Records and everything looks great.

Of course they ask for a few things in order to officialize the record but this is normal.

Here are the print-screens with the e-mail and the page info. I covered some info’s, not because I don’t want you to see them, but I want to make sure no-one will try to give me a hard time whit this. Self precaution 🙂

The final route will be from Las Vegas (The meeting and starting point already set up in the event on Facebook  )  all the way to Daytona Beach Florida. If you guys feel like meeting me on the road or ride along for a few mile, you are more than welcome.


I will need at least 6 people to meet me on the road and give me some their name and phone number, to make a photo with me and their signature on o piece of paper so I can attest the fact I was there on my motorcycle. Just for Guinness World Record.

If you feel like supporting this project please share it as much as you can. Meet me on the road.

Also you can contribute here.

For the Facebook event you can go here.

Ride Safe !


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