Camping in Utah

Since the weather is great let’s go for another camping trip. This time we will be visiting Utah.

Saturday August 10th at 07.30 we will meet in the Chevron Gas Station on 109 south Rainbow blvd right at the intersection with 95.
At 08.00 sharp we will spin the wheel on the way to Utah : US 95 – I15 North – After Mesquite we will take the Old 91 Highway – stop to visit the water falls and keep going up north.
Assuming that everyone will have breakfast at home or will grub something from Burger King in the gas station, we will stop just for gas, coffee and water every 100-130 miles.
A small brunch will be served in Veyo Utah, with a view on the mountains.
For the lunch and dinner we will adapt depending where we will be at the right time.
For the dinner we have 2 options : 1). Eating at a tavern close to the camping spot , 2). Make a BBQ in the camping spot ( I will grill it but someone need to bring a small grill cause I don’t have one.)
Next morning , around 8.30 am we will be back on the road .

The weather for this weekend look’s amazing but overnight expect a little cold weather, probably around 65 F. I’m pretty sure that with the right amount of whisky and a little fire camp we will be more than fine.
The total trip will be around 660 miles, and will cost around $70 in gas, $40 in food and whatever you will want to spend extra.
What you will need to have with you : Ten, sleeping bag, one extra pair of pants and some long sleeves , flip-flops, PEPPER SPRY !!!, a knife, one of us an axe , and your on bottle of whisky .
NOTE : THE EVENT IS FREE OF CHARGE, YOU SPENT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT/NEED/HAVE. You are full responsible for your gear (so bring whatever you think you will need). The purpose of this event is to have fun and create memories. Everyone is invited regardless your type of bike/club colors/ race/ and whatever reasons people can find. Nobody cares about that, we just want to ride and have a great time.

Camping options :