Salt Lake City – visiting Leo

It’s Saturday morning 05.00 AM.

I’m at work and the sun rising makes me dream about a long ride. I already spoke with my good friend Leo about the chance to ride to Salt Lake City but I wasn’t 100% sure about that.

I started the bike and on my way home I was still thinking: riding or ….f##k it, let’s go ride.

Around 7.30 I wake up my wife : “Babe….Leo invited us to visit him at his new house. Do you want to come?” The answer was Yes, but we will go later right?

Well….we will arrive later but we need to go now…

30 min later, here we are in the gas station having coffee and filling up with gas.

On the way North, the view started to change, from Nevada dessert you start seeing trees and green grass, cows, some twisted roads and a pleasant smell, something like flowers.

The road was clear, not too much traffic so we made only 2 stops and in about 5 hrs we were meeting Leo at a motorcycle event in South Salt Lake City.

From here we started another ride on the way to Bonneville, the place where “the rider becomes the legend” .

A short ride inside the city, a beautiful fireworks show and….on the way to his house, a very heavy and cold rain.

The mountain was green and white on top, still a lot a snow but the cold and fresh air gave us enough power to make it all the way there.

Next morning, after a good hot coffee we start visiting again. A spot here, another spot there, looks like Leo knows all the best spots around here.

Everything was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

For the road back we chose a secondary route, first was 189 and then 89. We succeeded to avoid the rain and the view was also new and amazing.

In a few words the weekend was like that : 1400 miles,  $80 in gas, some rain at the end of the day (Saturday) , short visit at a whiskey factory, a great and amazing view…..- too many good things to put them in a few words.

Let’s say we have a few good pictures but some extraordinary memories .

Thank you Leo for this weekend.

P.S. : we will be back soon