First time with a virgin !

Nope, this is not one of those sites with porn things, this it’s a website with and about motorcycles and adventure.

You need to read the entire story and you will understand what it is all about.

We all have a friend who has a friend working at a motorcycle dealer.

That’s my situation; I have a friend who has a friend who has a cousin that works at a motorcycle dealer.

Everyone knows that I like to put hundreds of miles on the bike every day, every time when I get the chance to do that.

Here I was getting a phone call asking if I’m interested in taking a motorcycle in the test for a day, the only condition is to put at least 650 miles on it.

It sounds so tempting plus sounds like too good to be true. Me, to ride on a brand new motorcycle at least 650 miles and don’t need to pay for gas or other expenses … Let’s give it a try….

Was on Memorial Day. At 08.00 AM, I was in front of the dealer, ready to meet with this guy. He invites me in and offers me a cup of coffee. Then pull a stack of paper from the drawer and spreads them to me with a pen.

I want to sign quickly and go ride, but he let me know that I need to read every paragraph until I sign. It’s very important to do that because I can end up with a huge amount of money to pay as property damage.

To briefly summarize the content : same nonsense about your safety, road safety, no one is responsible if you’re stupid …bla bla bla

But what hurts the most is that I’m not allowed to disclose the motorcycle brand and model, to take and post pictures with the motorcycle, the dealer name or other representatives. If I do something like that I may end up in court and paying a few hundred thousand dollars…. (I’m curious from where they will get that amount of money…. I do not have them).

After that, he handed me a copy of the signed papers, the keys for the motorcycle and a credit card to pay for the gas. Also he informed me that I had to bring it back by 08.00 PM.

Then he invites me to go at the garage to make a short presentation of the bike and I’m good to go for a ride.

I’m in the garage, I can see it, and damn it’s so sexy.

The gas tank is so big but still slim, the handlebar ending with two handlebars like two nipples, the mirrors like two big round eyes, the brown color of the fearing, the muffler next to the tail,  the tail like sexy woman butt, brand new tires …. Like she was saying  take me and ride me like I’m the first and last one in your life.

I turn the key in ignition and I start it. Pure pleasure. The tank is full, the temperature of the oil has risen, we’re ready to go … I do not even listen anymore to what the guy in front of me was saying, hit into the first gear and take off in a cloud of dust.

We leave the concrete jungle of the city, the desert lies in front of us … but the asphalt road is in the straight line. I pulled over and start looking for the piece of papers that I signed. I start read them again, very careful.

Nowhere is specified anything about riding on off-road, has full coverage, I have a full gas tank, I’m on a dual-sport and next to me is a off-road trail …hmmmmmm. Let me think about it : Fuck Yesssss!

The first 2 miles I was testing it, trying to get used with it. I accelerate it takes off, brakes – stop without problems. Quite perfect I will say.

I remember an off-road trail between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I set the GPS and start the adventure. It was so easy to handle it, to ride it until I got into a sharp turn it seems she wanted to throw me down.   I strength my hands on the handlebars and the yell at her as if the machine can hear me: “Not this time bitch, we’re not rolling on the ground, you’re mine and I’ll ride you the way I want, I will stay on top.”

Time is running out, we get back on the asphalt road. A few stops for gas, food and water. Every time when we stop I make a few circles around. Looks incredible, feels incredible, goes incredible. I want to be mine. Design, handling, power, sexy body … I think I fell in love.

Speaking about love … I remember that at home, my wife is waiting for me … probably a little nervous that I left a whole day without saying anything, I will have to deal with this when I get back.

We are approaching the time I have to return it to the dealer. I didn’t had time to stop for a bike wash so we went back very dusty but with a huge smile. That guy looks at me, looks at the bike, checks it up for damages and then checks the mileage, 725 miles in 11:30 hours … inevitably he asks me about speed tickets.

What a wonderful day…. a bike with 0 miles, brand new, gas money, full coverage, … basically one day to have fun without thinking about anything else. I would like to be able to put more info and details about the brand, model, capacity, gas consumption but … the rules are rules … especially when they have some good lawyers ready to take few hundred thousand dollars from you, even if you don’t have them….

What am I going to do is to put some random pictures of dual-sport bikes from different brands… She is somewhere there, waiting for me.