One of the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets On the Market Is On Sale Today

Riding a motorcycle is a delight for the senses, but it can grow a little weary on the ears after a while. Between the roar of the wind rushing past and the drone of the engine, it doesn’t take long for the sounds of a ride to push into the irritation zone—or even encroach on causing hearing damage.

Of course, a good helmet can help offset those potentially-deafening noises. And right now, one of the quietest helmets on the market today—the Schuberth C4 Spark Helmet—is on sale for a massive 53 percent off at RevZilla.

This sleek, compact helmet’s Direct Fiber Processing construction (it’s like carbon fiber, but with glass) means it weighs in at just a little over four pounds, but thanks to its German engineering—a process that included hours and hours of testing and aerodynamic optimization—your ears will think they’re encased in far more mass. Should the silence grow too off-putting, the Schuberth C4 Spark also comes with a speaker, microphone, and integral cell phone antenna pre-installed, as well as everything needed to plug the company’s SC1 communication system—which brings mobile phone integration, intercom functionality, and FM radio reception to the table—into the helmet. If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a new lid now that riding season has picked back up and you’re a fan of this German helmet’s style, there’s no reason to wait.

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