Destination Unknown

In the last weeks I was so busy with work and now I need a break.

Is time to spend some time on our time for us .

Plus, when is about riding and adventure we don’t really need a reason.

The ride for this weekend will be focused on the journey, scenic view, twisted roads, trees, mountain, nature and adventure.

Is called Destination Unknown because not sure where we will sleep overnight, Jerome or Sedona, both in Arizona.

The plan is simple like always , on May 11th,  Saturday  morning at 09.00AM let’s have coffee at Chevron Gas Station on Rainbow and 95 (109 South Rainbow Blvd.) Fill up our gas-tanks , check the tire pressure and a few group pictures.

At 09.30 AM sharp let’s hit the road on 95, then 515 south until Henderson. From there on 11 and finally on 93 south to Kingman, AZ.  Here we will make a 15min stop for gas and a coffee.

Back on the road, we will follow the 93on the way to Phoenix AZ until the crossroad with 89 where we will turn left to Congress.

In Congress AZ will be another stop to eat something, and I already checked the area and we have 3 great options with great food and a sweet dessert.

We should be there around 1.30 pm so you can call it lunch.

Around 2.30 back on the road, and from here we will have the twisted road to Jerome. First on 89 and then 89A , we will cross the mountains on a scenic road. The weather looks OK but they say will be around 60 degrees so a long sleeve is recommended.

A few stop on the road for pictures, we have 2 Ghost Towns on the way.

Depending on how many will join this ride we have 3 options to sleep overnight in Jerome and another 2 options in Sedona AZ. And when I say options I’m speaking about the price. Hotels/motels with the range from $56 to $80/room/night, with more than 5 rooms available. Personally I don’t need a 5 stars hotel as long I can get a clean one for a good price.

Either way the hotels are in close range so we can book whatever we want and still meet all of us and spent the night wasting a few beers and a good stake.

Next morning, Sunday May 11th , around 8.30 we will meet for the breakfast and the coffee and at 09.30 we will start our journey back to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The route back has the next major cities Sedona – Flagstaff – Kingman – Henderson – Las Vegas.

After we pass Flagstaff ,let’s ride a some miles on the Old Route 66 so we can get some great pictures.

In big lines this is the plan. We will every 100 miles to get gas.

What you need to have with you : tooth brush , towel, sleeping pants and t-shirt , socks ,under where, 2 long sleeves  , one extra pair of jeans, deodorant . This is not mandatory , is just a check list for a clean night. You can have double of those or none, all up to you. Anyway all those will fit in a small backpack so if you don’t have a luggage rack on your bike is not a problem.

Approximate total costs will sound like that :

  • Total miles 660 = $50 for gas
  • 4 times eating ( 2 lunch, one diner and one breakfast ) $80/person
  • 1 night sleeping in a hotel I will put the highest price ) $100/room

We get a total of $230. On this you may add a few beers or a bottle of Jack but you can also bring that from home.

But let’s say the “damage” will be $250, 2 days on the road with a scenic view, ghost towns, historic roads and a great adventure.

See you on the road!