Bike Night & Movie

It’s the perfect time to have a great time.

If our jobs sucks doesn’t means we can’t have a great time during the week.

So why not to take a little break Tuesday night  and waste a few beers, watch a movie,  hang out with old friends or meet new people ?

Yep…I’m thinking this is the right time to start a real bike night.

This Tuesday , April 16th, starting with 7:30 pm let’s get the party started.

At the begin we will start admiring our bike’s with a cold beer  in hand and some classic rock music and at 9.00 we will start the movie.

Is not mandatory to watch it, you can still hang out with a few beers next to you 🙂 .

The plan : Let’s have a great time!

When ? : Tuesday night, April 16th starting with 7:30 PM

Where? : 348 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 , right next to Cycle Gear on Decatur with 95.

What will be there? : Beer , Motorcycles, Music & Movie.

What movie ? : Triple Frontier (2019)

So…….Why not?