Snake Bite

Snake Bite –  there are no reasons to be concerned about it. Is just a name….maybe….

This time let’s focus on the road.

Riding on the highway can be boring and some time we really hate it so let’s go for a twisted road this time.

The total trip will be around 280 miles and according to Google we will make it in about 5 hrs, plus another 2-3 hours to eat and make some great pictures with the mountain view .

As usually,  the plan is simple, on April 13th,  Saturday  morning at 09.00AM let’s have coffee at Chevron Gas Station on Rainbow and 95 (109 South Rainbow Blvd.) Fill up our gas-tanks , check the tire pressure and a few group pictures.

At 09.30 AM sharp let’s hit the road on 95 and then I-15 north. We will make a first pit stop for gas , just in case, at the Love’s Gas station and then keep going north.

Right after we cross the Arizona border we will take a left on a secondary road and we will start the fun part, some curves and a great view.

A few stops for gas and pictures and probably around 1.00PM we will stop in Veyo for lunch. Then back on the road to St. George Utah and on I-15 on the way to Las Vegas.

By 4.30pm we should to be back in Las Vegas and with a cold beer in our hand and another great story to tell .

Because is a mountain road, I will suggest to have with you some long sleeves, just in case.

The speed…we will try to keep it legal, as usually.

Let’s go explore and burn some rubber !