Up North

Some people are saying that is not about the destination is all about the journey.

This time let’s focus on the destination.

Beatty … a small city in the desert, next to Death Valley. We’ve pass by there so many times but…did you ever look around?

Well I just found some beautiful things to check and visit right next to it.

The main focus will be on Goldwell Open Air Museum and Rhyolite ghost town , but we have another few places to visit around like a house made entirely by bottles.

The plan is simple, Saturday April 6th  at 09.00AM let’s have coffee at Chevron Gas Station on Rainbow and 95 (109 South Rainbow Blvd.) Fill up our gas-tanks , check the tire pressure and a few group pictures.

At 09.30 AM sharp let’s hit the road on 95 north. The entire distance is about  110 miles, 1hr and 30min (according to Google) and probably we will make a pit stop for gas , just in case.

We will have a good lunch over there, visit the surroundings, make some great pictures and around 1.00 pm hit the road back to Las Vegas.

By 3.00pm we should to be back in Las Vegas and with a cold beer in our hand and another great story to tell .

Let’s go explore !