Night Ride in Vegas

We all are very busy with the Day-to-Day life. Working hard, paying bills , taking care of business and all that.

But when was the last time when you did something for the first time?

Every week day you try to get to bed early so next day at work you will be able to give 110% out of you , or at least, that’s me.

Let’s break the rules!

What is the plan? Tuesday evening, March 19, at 7.30 PM let’s meet in the Chevron gas station (Rainbow and 95 ).

At 8.00 PM let’s take a 30 miles ride outside Las Vegas, on the north side and stop on the hills to watch the lights from outside town. I guarantee that is a beautiful view.

Plus you can bring a beer with you, which will make the evening even better.

The total ride will be around 70 miles from starting point to the end (same point) and we will have only one stop, at the view point.

About the speed….depending on traffic.

Here is a picture with the meeting point ! See you there !

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