Gorgeous Gorge – cracked land

For this Saturday, March 23,  we have a real cruise ride with one great view .

I’m talking about Cathedral Gorge Nevada State Park.

Cathedral Gorge State Park is a public recreation area and geologic preserve featuring a dramatic landscape of eroded soft bentonite clay covering more than 1,600 acres in Lincoln County, Nevada. The state park is located along U.S. Route 93 at the west end of State Route 319, one mile north of the town of Panaca

The plan is simple, Saturday morning at 09.00AM let’s have  coffee at Chevron Gas Station on Rainbow and 95 (109 South Rainbow Blvd.) Fill up our gas-tanks , check the tire pressure and a few group pictures.

At 09.30 AM sharp let’s hit the road on 95 , then 15 north with the first  stop at Love’s Gas station on 15 with 93 (Great Basin Highway). Here we will fill up again so we will not stay more than 10 minutes.


Keep going on 93 north with another 2-3 stops for pictures and by 11.00 AM we will be in Crystal Springs. I suggest we stop for brunch here because closer to our destination I don’t think we will find something like a restaurant or fast-food .

Another 40 miles and to the final stop.

With the bikes parked inside the State Park, there is a $5 fee (self-pay) and we can start a little walk to visit the park. Don’t worry, is a very easy walk, so no need to bring hiking equipment.

We will spend  one hour or so here and then back on the road.

By 4.00pm we should to be back in Las Vegas and with a cold beer in our hand and another great story to tell .

Let’s make another 340 miles on  a sunny day.

This is the route .