Warming up the engines

Let’s go for a short ride.
Spring time is here so is time to take the metal horse out for a ride.
Even if I didn’t let my bike rest for the winter, I didn’t ride much, except for going to work and back.
Now, that the weather started getting nice and warm I feel like going out for a ride .
So I decided to make a short route, just to warm up the engine and spin the tires.
Is about 150 miles, a beautiful road with a great view.
The plan is simple : we will meet on Decatur and Oakey, right across the street from the Arco Gas station, Saturday at 9:45 AM. Have a coffee from the gas station until 10.00AM.
At 10.00 AM sharp, we will hit the road on 95 and then 15 north to Cristal. From there we will go in Valley of Fire highway all the way down to Boulder City.
From there we will come back to Las Vegas and stop at Mr D’s (or other place) to drink a soda/beer.
On the road we will stop a few times to make a picture, have a smoke, drink a coffee and in Boulder City to have lunch.
We will try to keep the speed limit and maybe 10 – 15 on top, but will not be a race on the street. It is a weekend ride so let’s have some good time.