Ride below sea level

Exactly, we will ride below the sea level… Somewhere around 200 ft.
This time is Death Valley time.

Warm enough, clear sky, sunny day and no wind, is time to ride again.
The plan is simple, let’s make 270 miles, have a great time together, eat lunch, make pictures, come back and enjoy a cold beer. In two words “make memories”.
Like usual we will start in the morning.
Meeting point is Chevron Gas station on Rainbow with 95. The correct address is 109 South Rainbow blvd. Major cross streets are Rainbow and Charleston. We will have our coffee starting with 09.00 AM, until 09.25 AM. At 09.30 sharp we will start another beautiful adventure ride, so make sure you get there in time. Time is important and we can’t get it back.
The speed ….we will try like usual to keep it under control + 10-15 on top.
We will make a few stops for gas, food, water and coffee, and in Beatty to grab something to eat.
Make sure you will have some water with you and if your bike can’t make more than 90miles with a full tank… Some reserve gas will be a good idea.
But we are a team so we will not let you behind.
Stay together, ride together, come back together and have fun together!
The last stop will be at Mr. D’s for a beer and some road stories.
Take a look at the pictures regarding the meeting point and the route.
Let’s make it memorable!


Here you can see the pictures !