Gold Rush Ride

Gold Rush Ride
Let’s take ride through the gold rush history.
Saturday, February 23, at 09.30 am we’ll meet at the Chevron gas station on Rainbow and Sunset, 6480 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, for coffee.
At 09.45am sharp we will hit the road on 215 and then 95 South to Nelson Ghost Town and Colorado River. We will stay here for a soda and a cigarette, then back on the 95 South all the way to Searchlight. Here will be the second stop for gas and soda.
We will keep the 164 road to Primm. There will be another short stop.
From Primm, going on 15 North we will leave the highway at Jean and the next stop will be at Pionier Saloon for a good lunch and maybe a beer. After lunch, going on the 161 road and then S Las Vegas Blvd, (just to avoid the highway and make some pictures at the 7 Magic Mountains) we will get back to Las Vegas.
The final stop will be at Mr. D’s for a Jack&coke.
We will try to ride within the legal speed limit (+10-15).
It will be around 200 miles
Let’s make it memorable!